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Exocell is pleased to release news of research concerning Glycacor:

Exocell, a Philadelphia company specializing in diagnostic products related to diabetes and its complications, reports on the usefulness of its glycated LDL assay, Glycacor, in basic and clinical investigations.

Glycacor is among a range of clinical and investigative diagnostic products developed and marketed by Exocell that accurately and specifically measure analytes in biological fluids and provide information on the course of diabetes and risk for complications.

The Glycacor assay for glycated LDL has been approved as an in vitro diagnostic for human use. Glycacor is an immunospecific ELISA that measures the amount of sugar-coated (nonenzymatically glycated) low density lipoprotein in the blood. Glycacor uses a monoclonal antibody created by Exocell scientists that specifically recognizes glucose attached to the apolipoprotein B in the cholesterol-carrying low density lipoprotein. Increased glycated LDL in diabetes and has been linked to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Glycacor can provide clinically relevant information regarding response to therapy and the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Recent publications attest to additional value of Glycacor in basic and clinical investigations. Glycacor has proved useful in understanding the contribution of glycated LDL to altered lipoprotein uptake by kidney cells and, potentially, to the development of diabetic kidney disease, and in elucidating relationships between lipoprotein alterations and vascular dysfunction in diabetes.

See recent publications describing use of Glycacor to measure glycated LDL.

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