Deglycated hAlbumin
Manufacturer/Trade: Exocell / h Deglycated Albumin
Catalogue Numbers: DSA
Intended Use: Reference Material
Product Description:

h Deglycated Albumin is a protein isolated and purified from human plasma albumin by sequential ion-exchange and affinity chromatography. It is the albumin fraction that has been stripped of glycated species.

The preparations are pure by SDS-PAGE and agarose-gel electrophoresis, and have less that 0.01 moles glyco-groups per mole of albumin. DSA is immunoreactive in microplate based ELISAs and in Western Blots designed to detect albumin. When diluted appropriately, DSA serves as a negative control in Glycaben and other immunoassays intended to detect glycated albumin.

It is suitable for use as a primary standard in immunoassay methods.

DSA is supplied in liquid or lyophillized forms.

Short term storage should be done at 4oC. Long term storage should be completed at -60oC. Repeated cycles of freezing and thawing should be avoided.

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