h HbA1a, 1b mixture
Manufacturer/Trade: Exocell / h HbA1a, A1b mixture
Catalogue Numbers: HbA2
Intended Use: Reference material
Product Description: h Hemoglobin A1a and A1b is a mixture of hemoglobin fractions prepared by ion-exchange chromatography. It is essentially free of HbA0. The purity is validated by HPIEC, and reported concentration is determined by Drabkins assay.

The material is supplied in liquid form in dilute potassium cyanide-phosphate buffer. The concentration varies with manufacturing lot, but the protein may be used directly by dilution in buffer in most experimental methods. It is shipped frozen at -20oC

Short term storage should be done at 4oC. Long term storage should be completed at -60oC. Repeated cycles of freezing and thawing should be avoided.

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