h Albumin
Manufacturer/Trade: Exocell / Albuwell
Catalogue Numbers: Albuwell: 1004 Strip Plate
Methodology: Competitive ELISA
Summary of procedure:

These kits were designed to monitor kidney function by quantitative estimation of albumin in human urine. They successfully measure albumin concentrations well outside the range of conventional dip-stick methods.

To complete the assay, standard dilutions and urine samples are added to a plate precoated with human albumin. An enzyme conjugated anti-albumin antibody is added, and the plate is incubated for 30 minutes. During this time the conjugated antibody binds to either the albumin on the solid phase or to that in the liquid phase, hence the notion of competition. Thereafter, components remaining in the liquid phase are washed away, and bound conjugate determined using TMB Substrate Solution. The chromogenic reaction is stopped after 2-5 minutes using dilute acid (Albuwell). Color intensity is determined spectrophotometrically, with a microtiter plate reader (Albuwell).

Specimen Required: 10ul, 50ul or 100ul
Assay Range: 0.15-2,560 ug/ml
Precision: Intra- and interassay precision for samples within the assay range have a C.V.<7%.
Specificity: The antibody is specific for human albumin. It does not cross-react with rat albumin or with other proteins that occur in urine.
Expected Values: A total of 42 time urine samples representing collection intervals from 2-8 hours were collected from normal volunteers. Normal excretion rate ranged from 1.7-16.1 ug/min., with an average of 4.3 ug/min. 95% of the normal population had excretion rates less than 9.5 ug/min. A random screening of diabetic patients showed that 16 (51%) had normal levels of urinary albumin, 10 (33%) were microalbuminuric and 5 (16%) were proteinuric.
Method Comparison: Diagnostic Products Corp., Double Antibody RIA

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