m Albumin
Manufacturer/Trade: Exocell / Albuwell M
Catalogue Numbers: 1011 Strip Plate
Methodology: Competitive ELISA
Summary of procedure: Albuwell M is a direct competitive ELISA (antibody capture) designed to monitor kidney function in the mouse by measuring urinary albumin. To complete the assay, sample and anti-mouse albumin Ab-HRP conjugate are added to albumin coated wells. The antibody conjugate reacts with either the albumin coated to the plate or with that in the fluid phase, hence the notion of competitive binding.

After a 30 minute incubation, the plate is washed to remove reactants in the fluid phase. Only conjugate that was bound to the albumin on the plate remains, and it is detected using TMB in a chromogenic reaction. Color intensity is inversely proportional to the logarithm of the albumin concentration in the fluid phase. The assay may be completed in less than an hour.

Specimen Required: Urine, 10ul
Assay Range: 0.156-10 ug/mL
Precision: Intrassay and interassay precision for samples within useful range of the assay have a C.V. ≤ 10% of the mean.

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