Manufacturer/Trade: Exocell/DTNB-Thiols
Catalogue Numbers: 1021
Methodology: Chemical Assay
Summary of procedure:

The thiols assay kit measures sulfhydryl groups with the thiol reagent 5-5’-dithiobis[2-nitrobenzoic acid] (DTNB), which forms the 5-thionitrobenzoic acid and a mixed disulfide. Under conditions of oxidative stress, free sulfhydryl decreases and disulfides increase. Determination of the free thiol concentration in biological samples reflects the ability to detoxify lipid and other peroxides. Exocell’s DTNB-Thiols assay can be used with a spectrum of biological samples including body fluids, tissue and cell specimens.

To complete the assay, aliquots of standard or sample are reacted with rehydrated DTNB reagent in microtiter wells. Absorbance is read at 405 nm using a reference filter of ~630 nm. Concentration in samples is determined from the standard curve.

Specimen Required: 50uL
Assay Range: 0-56.9 nmole/well
Precision: Intra- and inter-assay precision <5%

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