h Fibronectin
Manufacturer/Trade: Exocell / h Fibronectin ELISA
Catalogue Numbers: 1010 Strip Plate
Methodology: Sandwich ELISA
Summary of procedure: The Fibronectin ELISA is a sandwich assay for the quantitative measurement of fibronectin in freshly drawn human plasma. The assay depends upon the binding of fibronectin, in standard or in plasma, to specially coated microtiter wells. The plate is washed to remove unbound reactants, and fibronectin is detected with an anti-fibronectin antibody-HRP conjugate. The plate is again washed, and TMB is added to detect bound HRP. The chromogenic reaction is stopped with dilute sulfuric acid, and color intensity determined using a microplate reader stet at 450nm. Absorbance is directly proportional to the logarithm of fibronectin concentration added in the sample. The assay may be completed in less than 3 hours.
Specimen Required: Fresh plasma (citrate or EDTA), 10ul
Assay Range: 0.2-5.0 mg/dl
Precision: Intraassay and interassay precision for samples within the useful range have a C.V.<10%.
Specificity: h Fibronectin shows some cross-reactivity with murine plasma fibronectin.
Expected Values: 20-40mg/dl

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