Exocell is pleased to release news of research concerning Albuwell M:

Exocell, a Philadelphia company specializing in diagnostic products relating to diabetes and its complications, reports on literature survey establishing its mouse microalbuminuria assay, Albuwell M, as the method of choice for assessing renal injury and response to therapy in diabetic mice.

Albuwell M is among a range of clinical and investigative diagnostic products developed and marketed by Exocell that accurately and specifically measure analytes in biological fluids and provide information on the course of diabetes and risk for complications.

Albuwell M is an immunospecific ELISA that measures the amount of urinary albumin, an established marker of kidney dysfunction, in mouse models of diabetes and of other kidney diseases. Since its commercial introduction, Albuwell M has become the gold standard for study of renal disease in diabetic mice and has gained worldwide recognition by scientists in academic and pharmaceutical sectors engaged in research on the underlying causes and potential treatment of kidney injury in diabetes and other diseases. The NIH-sponsored Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers have designated Albuwell M is an official assay for measuring urine albumin.

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