Exocell is pleased to release news of research concerning Type IV Collagen:

Exocell, a Philadelphia company specializing in diagnostic products relating to diabetes and its complications, is pleased to report on the value of its Type IV Collagen assays in studies concerning kidney function in diabetes and other diseases.

Exocell's products provide quantitation of human and rodent Type IV collagen, and are increasingly used to detect changes indicative of disease in cell function and in biological specimens.

The Human and Mouse Type IV Collagen assays are among a range of products developed and marketed by Exocell for clinical and investigative use that accurately and specifically measure analytes in biological fluids and provide information on the course of diabetes and risk for complications.

H-Collagen IV and M-Collagen IV are immunospecific assays that measure the amount of type IV collagen in cell culture fluid, serum and urine. Diabetes stimulates production of type IV collagen by kidney cells, and increased excretion of type IV collagen is a marker of kidney damage in diabetes.

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