Exocell offers products and assays that encompass clinical diagnostics, clinical investigation, laboratory research, reagents and reference standards.

Clinical diagnostics measure analytes of established importance to diabetic disease management, glycemic control and complication assessment. Assays and products for clinical diagnostics products include:

  • Albuwell to measure microalbuminuria, the established marker of early diabetic kidney dysfunction.
  • Creatinine Companion to measure urinary creatinine.
  • Glycaben to monitor glycated albumin, the index of intermediate term glycemic control.
  • Glycacor to measure glycated LDL, the index of short-term glycemic control and cardiovascular risk.
  • Hemoglobin A1c reference standard, the index of long-term glycemic control.

Assays for clinical investigation measure a number of analytes of importance in human diabetes and in diabetic complications. These assays include:

Assays for laboratory research allow the measurement of a number of materials of interest, including:

  • Albuwell M to measure microalbuminuria in mouse samples.
  • Nephrat II to measure microalbuminuria in rat samples.
  • Albuwell C, O and P to measure microalbuminuria in dog, sheep and non-human primate samples.
  • Collagen IV M to measure type IV collagen in mouse and rat specimens.
  • Creatinine Companion for measurement of human and rodent creatinine.
  • Glyco-Albumin R to measure glycated albumin in rat serum.
  • Nephrin ELISA to measure rodent urinary nephrin.
  • CRP ELISA to measure C-reactive protein in rodent plasma.
  • Adiponectin ELISA to measure adiponectin in human urine and plasma.
  • Beta-induced h3 to measure BIG-H3 in human urine.
  • Troponin M to measure Troponin I in mouse plasma/serum.
  • Troponin R to measure Troponin I in rat plasma/serum.
  • PODXL–R to measure Troponin I in rodent urine.

Reagents and Reference Standards include highly specific monoclonal antibodies (MAb) and well purified proteins including:

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