Monoclonal Antibodies
Catalogue Number
A717 (anti-h Gly Albumin) 0.1 mg A717
B36 (anti-h Apo B) 0.1 mg B36
ES12 (anti-h Gly Apo B) 0.1 mg ES12
E85A (anti-h Hba1c) 0.1 mg E85A
E85 (anti-h Gly Hemoglobin) 0.1 mg E85
Antigens and Standards
Microalbuminuria Standard 2.0mL 1001-HSA
Microalbuminuria Assay Controls 2.0mL of High and Low 1002-CT
Nephrat Standard 2.0mL NR-A
h Glycated Albumin 1.0mg NGA
Synthetic Glycated h Albumin 1.0mg SGA
Deglycated hAlbumin 1.0mg DSA
Glycated Albumin Control 10 Determinations 1005-GAS
Glycaben*T Calibrator 0.5 mL 1005-GAC
Glycabumin Standard 0.25 mL GAR-A
h Fibronectin 1.0mg FN-1mg
h Fibronectin 5.0mg FN-5mg
h Fibronectin Standard 1.0mL 1F0101
Glycacor Standard 1.0mL 1G1001
Glycacor Assay Control 1.0mL 1009GBC
h Hb A0 5.0mg HbA0
h Hb A1C (formerly H00A1) 1.0mg HbA1
h Hb A1a, A1b mixture 1.0mg HbA2
Glycated Hemoglobin 1.0mg gly Hb
Glycated HbA0 (formerly H00G) 1.0mg gly HbA0
Deglycated Hb Fractions 5.0mg de Hb
Deglycated HbA0 (formerly H00A) 5.0mg degly HbA0

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