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Troponin - H ELISA

Manufacturer/Trade: Exocell/Troponin I
Catalogue Numbers: 1027 Troponin - H
Methodology: Quantitative ELISA
Summary of Procedure:

Troponin is a complex of three proteins (Troponin C, Troponin I and Troponin T) that regulate skeletal and cardiac muscle contraction. Cardiac Troponin I and T are sensitive and specific indicators of myocardial damage, and their blood levels rise in relation to the extent of injury to heart muscle from various conditions or from drug-induced cardiotoxicity. Cardiac troponins may be useful in predicting cardiovascular risk and mortality in the presence of chronic renal disease.

The Troponin I ELISA is a direct ELISA designed to measure circulating cardiac Troponin I in blood. It is for research purposes and is not intended for diagnostic use.

Specimen Required: Serum or plasma, human
Assay Range: 16 ng/ml to 1000 ng/ml
Precision: Intra- and inter-assay precision for samples within the assay range have a C.V. of <10% of the mean.

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